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Mark Alvey

Science Comm and Strategy Administrator

Science and Education

Mark began at the Field in 1990 as Department Assistant in the Photography Dept./Photo Archives on a six-month term and figured that would be that. In the ensuing 28-plus years, he has worked as a Collections Management Assistant in Anthropology (participating in the installation of the Africa exhibit, de-installation of the North American Plains Indians Hall, and the upgrading of storage mounts in various ethnographic collections), Administrative Assistant in Geology, as well Museum Volunteer Coordinator, Operations Administrator in Botany, Exhibition Developer (Lead Developer on Gregor Mendel: Planting the Seeds of Genetics, and numerous small-gallery and one-case exhibits), and communication/strategy/budget administrator (under various titles) for five different Vice Presidents of Collections & Research/Academic Affairs/Science & Education. A long, strange trip indeed. On the side Mark has served as a content advisor on Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World's Fair (2013-14), Specimens: Unlocking the Secrets of Life (2016-17), and Mr. Akeley's Camera (2018 - ?), and for several content updates on permanent exhibitions.

Mark has the distinction of being the only Museum staff member (we think) who graduated from the University of Iowa while Willard "Sandy" Boyd was president of the university (1970s), and then worked at the Field while Dr. Boyd was its president (1990s). He is also the only Field Museum employee banned from the Museum due to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)—this after returning from China with his daughter Lana in 2003 (time off after returning with his older daughter Lily in 1997 was due solely to jet lag.) On the other hand, he is one of many Field Museum staffers to have a species named in his honor—in his case, a Malagasy rainbowfish, Bedotia alveyi ( He remains hopeful for a lichen and/or flowering plant.


Additional Information


The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Radio-Television-Film

      1995:  Ph.D.  Communications (Critical Studies, Film and Television)

      Dissertation:  The Semi-Anthology and Series Drama: Sixties Television in Transition

      1985:  M.A.  Communications (Critical Studies, Film and Television)

The University of Iowa, Department of Speech/Division of Broadcasting and Film

1978:  B.A.  Film Studies


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             Excerpted as Foreword and commentary in Route 66: The Television Series by James Rosin (Autumn Road [3 editions], 2007, 2012, 2015).

Popular articles: In the Field (Field Museum Members' magazine)


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Short articles

With Christine Niezgoda. "Students to the Rescue: Rediscovering the Kirk Collection." Sept.-Dec. 2015.

"Digitizing the Mazon Creek Fossils." May-August 2014.

"Members' Nights 2014: Get to the Museum--Under the Speed Limit!" January-April 2014.

Compiled with Franck Mercurio. "Scientific Cinematic Slips." September-December 2012

Encyclopedia essays, book reviews, and other

Preface and commentary. In Naked City: The Television Series by James Rosin (Autumn Road, 2008).

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