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Filipino Cultural Heritage

The Filipino Heritage StoryMap is a part of the Field Museum's project in co-curation. The objects on this map were selected by members of the Filipino-American community to reflect the heritage of the Filipino people.

Rapid Inventory #26: map tour

The Field Museum collaborated with fellow scientists, local Shawi indigenous people, the Peruvian government, and regional conservation organizations in Peru to conduct a rapid biological and social inventory of Cordillera Escalera in Loreto, Peru

Chicago Wilderness Green Infrastructure Vision

Green infrastructure at the regional scale is described by the Chicago Wilderness Green Infrastructure Vision (GIV). This map and policy describing the most important areas to protect in the region was originally adopted by Chicago Wilderness in 2004. Working with The Conservation Fund, Chicago Wilderness refined and updated the mapping in 2011 -2012. [Silverlight plug-in required]

simplified version

Field Museum Snake Types Collection

The Field Museum has imaged all of its primary snake types. A "type" is a preserved specimen that the published description of a new species is based on. This interactive map will allow you to zoom in and see the location where all of our type specimens were originally collected around the world. Hovering over locations will tell you the current species name for the type and provides a link to the museum's database for images and more information. The image shown here is the holotype of Atractus obesus, endemic to Colombia, which was described by the late Hy Marx in 1960.