Illinois Peregrines

Monitoring our state’s over 27 pairs & territories is definitely a team effort and we could use your help!  Be sure to report any Peregrine sightings (along with your questions about peregrines and/or the Chicago Peregrine Program) to Mary Hennen.   Don't forget to check for leg bands!  To learn more about legbands, check out our page on Peregrine Monitoring.  LINKS TO ALL PEREGRINE PAGES ARE CURRENTLY ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN.

Mary is on staff in the Field Museum's Bird Division. Click here for more information on the Bird Division.  Web Cameras are off until the 2015 Breeding Season. Come back next April to check out the web cameras! 

Web cameras

Illinois' peregrine population has gone from extirpation in the state by 1951, to 1 pair in 1988 to a current level (2013) of 29 territories.  Explore the map below to see where peregrines are and information on their current nesting status.

Information contained within the map is property of the Chicago Peregrine Program

Blue = breeding, Red = Pair ? on breeding, Green = Single Bird or wintering location only. Yellow = Inactive

View Illinois Peregrine Nesting Sites in a larger map

Monitoring Peregrines

Once a federally endangered species, Peregrine Falcons had all but completely disappeared from the Midwest by the 1960s, due to the use of DDT. But over the last 27 years, Mary and her fellow team members on the Chicago Peregrine Program have helped to successfully reintroduce these beautiful birds back into the Midwest.  They currently monitor nest sites, track parent id as well as watch offspring hatch, mature, and fledge (take their first flight). Through these observations, scientists can determine how well their efforts are working to create a self-sustaining population of Peregrines.  

Feel free to explore below about to learn about Peregrine Falcons, their recovery status, and what you can do to help. Be sure to check out the links to our Live Web Cameras that let you peer into a Peregrine nest.  Like us on facebook

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