Published: November 4, 2021

SUE’s Holiday Gift Guide


Think this T. rex is a scrooge? Maybe, but they do have some decidedly dino- and kid-friendly gift ideas.

The skeleton of SUE the T. rex illuminated in green, blue, and purple lighting.

When you’re 67 million years old, winter hits the bones different. I can feel the chill approaching in all 250 of my fossils (including my little wishbone) weeks before the first snowflake falls. And I hate it. 

I’ve lived above ground in the Midwest since 1990, and every single day is colder than my life during the Cretaceous. I can hear you questioning now: But SUE, you were unearthed on August 12 in South Dakota—it’s like 80 degrees there


The other reason I loathe the coming winter is the holidays. It would be easy to stereotype one of the world’s most deadly predators as a scrooge. Listen, I like the decorating and singing and festive guests coming to visit me. And the eating. OH HOW I LOVE THE EATING

My problem with the holidays is the gift-giving. Particularly, how few I receive. So in the interest of benefiting from the change I wish to see, I’ve compiled this gift guide to assist you in your holiday shopping. AND BETTER SNAP TO IT, SUPPLY CHAINS ARE A MESS. 

My apologies. The hanger strikes suddenly. I simply meant, you’d be advised to shop early since shipping might take longer than in years’ past. 

SUE's Personally Recommended Gifts

And if none of these float your boat, you can always make a gift to the Museum in my name. They do, after all, keep the heat on in my suite. 

Happy holidays, 

SUE the T. rex


Gifts for the small humans in your life

Keep the dino facts coming

Give a child a dinosaur toy and the kid will love it. Give a child a book about dinosaurs, and they will learn every dinosaur, then come to the Museum and correct you and all other adults when incorrectly identifying the fossils, and I will love it. Please buy your kids more dinosaur books. It brings me so much joy watching kids flex on adults.

Dinosaur Books

Three dinosaur books surrounded by holiday wrapping paper, pine cones, and garlands.

PJs featuring yours truly

I have a fierce reputation to uphold, but: there is nothing cuter than a toddler wearing a T. rex pajama set. Now excuse me, while I wash my mouth out with soap.

SUE Pajamas

SUE the T. rex pajamas for kids.

An alternative to digging for fossils in the backyard

This is for those little dino lovers that are also doers. If you know one of those children that’s asking a million questions when they come to see me, this educational set is for them.


Dinosaur activity kits, including mould and pain and matching cards.

Play your cards right and buy a flock of Velociraptors

I love this game. Máximo and I play all the time. Plus, it’s the only way I get to handle money. And I really like money.

Dino-opoly board game.

Superhero or supervillain? You decide.

Ted Rechlin made a comic about me, so now I’m like Batman. Actually, let’s say Spiderman because I don’t know how to drive. Anyway, Ted shows you what I looked like with all my flesh, which truly warms my (missing) heart.

SUE Comics

SUE the T. rex puzzle, t-shirt, and Ted Rechlin comic book.

Dress for the job you want

If at any point the child you’re buying for has expressed interest in being a paleontologist, look no further. 

Junior Explorer Kits

A field vest and hat.

Apex predators need snuggles, too

Remember when I said, "give a child a dinosaur toy, and the kid will love it?" Well...what are you waiting for?! I’m buying three right now with my Dino-opoly money.

Plush Dinosaurs

A plush T. rex toy.