an illustration of brown and yellow birds in a tree. one standing to the left, a second laying on a branch while a third peeks out from a nest.

Audubon’s Birds of America

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Closes Jan 18, 2026

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All ages


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Behold Audubon’s vivid, life-size bird illustrations.

Art and science intersect on the three-foot-tall pages of one of the world’s rarest books: Audubon's Birds of America. Learn about the life of John James Audubon to uncover the complexities of his legacy, and soar through the 12-year process of creating these masterpieces of printmaking. 

This exhibition is in the T. Kimball and Nancy N. Brooker Gallery, upper level.

The exhibition is presented in both English and Spanish. La exhibición está presentada en inglés y español.

Audubon’s illustration of Long-billed Curlews in Charleston, SC.