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The Changing Face of Science

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Challenge your understanding of what a scientist looks like.

Engage with the captivating stories of women and people of color in science and find inspiration for your own exploration. Discover how diverse perspectives, identities, and backgrounds uniquely contribute to scientific advancement.

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Explore the diverse ecosystem of Chicago with Ylanda Wilhite.

Through camping, kayaking along the Cal Sag River, and immersing yourself in the outdoors, discover how science is present all around you, wherever you go. Become an advocate for nature and the environment while learning about the positive impact of environmental action in your community. Plus, discover all the ways to connect with your community through nature and environmental action.

  • See Ylanda Wilhite's exhibition in Comer Gallery on the upper level April 19, 2024March 14, 2025
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Join Janet on a voyage to the seafloor and uncover what creatures are hiding deep in the ocean.

Janet Voight, PhD and Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, is a leading researcher in the field of octopus studies and has delved deep into the ocean to uncover the mysteries of these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat. Learn about her unexpected journey to becoming a scientist that no one, not even herself, expected her to take. Join Janet on an expedition along with a mostly female-led scientific team to the depths of the ocean in The Changing Face of Science: Janet Voight and discover the secrets hiding beneath the surface.

  • See Janet Voight's exhibition in Comer Gallery on the upper level February 16, 2024—January 10, 2025