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The Changing Face of Science

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Challenge your understanding of what a scientist looks like.

Engage with the captivating stories of women and People of Color in science and find inspiration for your own exploration. Discover how diverse perspectives, identities, and backgrounds uniquely contribute to scientific advancement.

Meet Jingmai O’Connor, punk-rock paleontologist and the Field Museum’s Associate Curator of Fossil Reptiles— aka the dinosaur curator. Come along on Jingmai's journey to learn how her interest in science began, see real fossils unearthed by Jingmai, and visit her fossil prep workspace. Discover the ways personal passions can overlap with science to create your own path toward becoming a scientist.

Explore Jingmai’s path into science — and find your own.

Exhibition highlights

  • Discover Jingmai's personal journey towards a passion for paleontology that was sparked at the age of 10
  • Learn about her work and travel to China to study paleontology
  • Find the connection between your personal passions and your exploration of the natural world
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This exhibition is the second in the series, the first focusing on Lynika Strozier.