A young woman wearing a white lab coat and blue rubber gloves leans on a table and into a piece of lab equipment.

The Changing Face of Science

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Closes Jun 25, 2023

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All ages


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Envision and create a reality where you are the face of science.

Engage with the captivating stories of women and People of Color in science and find inspiration for your own exploration in the field. Discover how diverse perspectives, identities, and backgrounds uniquely contribute to scientific advancement in the Field's newest exhibition, The Changing Face of Science.

Honor the memory of Lynika Strozier, who was a Black woman, a Chicagoan, a person with a learning disability, an educator, and a former scientist at the Field Museum. Learn about her legacy of scientific achievement and understand the immense systemic and structural challenges she faced. Celebrate the impact she made in a field that historically left people like her out.

Join us in fostering a space to explore the beauty of science.

Exhibition highlights

  • Find inspiration for your own career and learn more about the contributions of different women and minorities in science
  • Recognize the challenges people with marginalized identities face in the field, and celebrate their successes
  • Question perceptions and assumptions about what makes a person a scientist
  • Hear from scientists with different backgrounds, learning experiences, and skills