an illustration of a spinosaurus as it may have appeared in life, hunting underwater, open mouth about to grab a smaller fish-like creature


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Marvel at the fierce size and strength of Spinosaurus

Catch Spinosaurus as it prowls overhead at the Field Museum. This fish-eating dinosaur lived during the Cretaceous Period, about 95 million years ago. Spinosaurus swam in rivers thanks to its crocodile-shaped body and paddle-like tail.  Discover how this water-loving dinosaur reigned throughout North Africa and learn how modern animals help scientists to understand life from long ago. Uncover how this semi-aquatic predator hunted and swam through the water.

Stretching 46 feet long, this fearsome fossil is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs ever discovered— even longer than SUE the T. rex.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Mounted in a swimming pose, Spinosaurus is a dramatic first sight as you enter the Field Museum
  • Spinosaurus is the only skeleton on display anywhere outside of Asia
  • This semi-aquatic predator lived during the Cretaceous Period 95 million years ago, and was well adapted for hunting fish.