An underwater image of a submersible with its headlights illuminating a rock formation.

Unseen Oceans

Category: Exhibition

Exhibition Summary


Requires Discovery or All-Access Pass

When exhibit closes

Closes Jan 5, 2025

Targeted age groups

All ages


Anchor: #experience-an-ocean-you-never-imagined

Experience an ocean you never imagined.

Embark on a journey from the oceans’ white-capped waves to their inky depths as you discover the latest ocean science in an immersive new exhibition that will make a splash with the whole family.

Explore the mysterious, rarely-seen world hidden beneath the ocean’s surface.

Exhibition highlights

  • A floor-to-ceiling swirl of model biofluorescent fish and otherworldly plankton
  • Pilot a submersible in an adventurous game navigating mysterious waters 
  • 180° screens to watch life-sized ocean creatures swim by
  • Tanks with live seahorses, jellies, and more

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Large Print Guides are available upon request in English and Spanish upon entry to the exhibition.

Strollers are allowed everywhere except ticketed special exhibitions such as Unseen Oceans, where stroller parking is available near the exhibition entrance. This requirement is not applicable for accessibility instances.

We understand that the Unseen Oceans exhibition can be overwhelming for some and if your visit would be better accommodated with the use of a sensory bag, feel free to visit our Visitor Center on the ground floor. These include various fidgets, sunglasses, headphones, and emotion cards we hope may better the Museum experience.