A boy looks down at a fossil bone he is holding as a young girl stands next to him looking on. Behind them are an adult and another boy holding a fossil skull.
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    6/8, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM CDT


    Included with admission


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    Join us for a roaring good time!

    The Dino Days of Summer return this June with Dinopalooza. Join us in celebrating the newest member of our flock, the Chicago Archaeopteryx, before it takes off for the rest of the summer. Find out how our new fossil friend shows scientists where past and present collide and understand what it really means to be a dinosaur. 

    The prehistoric party doesn’t stop there! Activities include a museum-wide scavenger hunt, a Box-o-Saurus craft, getting up close and personal with Norm the T. rex skull, life-size Archaeopteryx puppets, face painting, a photo booth, and more. 

    In honor of our new Jurassic pal, dinosaur and Jurassic Park costumes are encouraged!

    Access to Dinopalooza is included with admission. Save time by puchasing admission tickets in advance!

    Activities Schedule

    Dino, Di-NOT

    Join us for a hands-on activity "Dino, Di-NOT", and a Fact or Fiction activity surrounding Spinosaurus and dinosaurs in general (includes various models, casts, and fossils)

    Jabberwocky Marionettes 

    Come see the fabulous Archaeopteryx Jabberwocky Marionettes as they flit and fly around Stanley Field Hall. 

    Fossils at the Field

    See and touch fossils older than the dinosaurs from our behind-the-scenes collections!

    Face Painting 

    Get your favorite dino painted on your face or arm!

    Norm the T. rex

    Interact with Norm, a full-size fiberglass reproduction of the Wankel Tyrannosaurus rex's skull from the N. W. Harris Learning Collection.

    Make an Impact

    Toss an “asteroid” to make an impact on the Cretaceous period for a chance to win a tiny dinosaur. And, learn how you can make an impact in support of the Field Museum’s wide-reaching mission through our annual Giving Day

    And much more!