Crown Family PlayLab

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Exhibition Summary

Temporarily closed

For children ages 2–6 and their caregivers


Temporarily closed

Open daily from 10am to 3:30pm

For children ages 2–6 and their caregivers

About the Exhibit

Explore science through play.

Designed for children between two and six years old, the Crown Family PlayLab is an interactive, hands-on space that makes learning an adventure. Every aspect of the exhibition offers an invitation to curious kids to become junior scientists for the day.

Early learners can explore world cultures through music, experience everyday life in a recreated pueblo, or play paleontologist with dinosaur bones—and that’s just the beginning. With opportunities for discovery for young children, this exhibition presents a new adventure every time you visit.

We strive to welcome all to the PlayLab, which has wheelchair access, a nursing room, and a quiet reading corner. Much of the information in the PlayLab is also available in Spanish. 

La exhibición tiene información en español.

Groups are encouraged to pre-register using the field trip registration form.

A child plays a mbira in the foreground, while behind her other children play drums and a xylophone.

Kids in the PlayLab make music (or joyful noise) with instruments from around the world.

Morgan Anderson

So many ways to play, learn, and grow.

Exhibition highlights:

  • Explore a pueblo home
  • Star in a nature play dressed as your favorite Illinois animal
  • Move to music from around the world
  • Search for and uncover dinosaur bones

Eek, a skunk! Children can meet new friends as they explore animal puppets.

Jean Lachat

Children ages two to six really dig playing and exploring the world of science together.

Morgan Anderson

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