First Kings of Europe

Follow the paths of ancient rulers, kings, and queens as they rose to power.

Drawing from the collections of more than two dozen museums and archaeological institutes in the Balkan Peninsula of Europe, First Kings of Europe explores how a small number of individuals established tremendous power and influence over others.

Starting their journey 8,000 years ago during the Neolithic Period and ending 2,500 years ago in the world of Iron Age kings, visitors will encounter archaeological finds that have never been shown in North America. Weapons, jewelry, and tools tell the story of how individuals gained power and influence by amassing wealth and controlling trade, technology, rituals, and warfare.



  • Gallery Requirements: 7,500 ft2 (700 m2)
  • Shipping: One-way, inbound, paid by host venue and a share of artifact return expenses
  • Language: All text in English and Spanish; language may be converted by host venues