Death: Life’s Greatest Mystery

Consider your own big questions about death as you explore natural and cultural responses to life’s inevitable conclusion.

A man and a boy stand in front of a large, interactive, curved screen inside a museum exhibition. On the screen is a leafless tree, appearing to be lit up with electricity from the bottom up.

Challenge what you think you know about death. In Death: Life's Greatest Mystery, explore cultural and biological perspectives that hold possible answers to some of life's biggest questions.

Through artifacts, specimens, and immersive media experiences, learn how life and death are part of a universal, continuous, and cyclical process. Experience connections between life, death, growth, and decay in an immersive, ever-changing multimedia experience at the heart of the exhibition. See how life goes on after death—and could not without it.



  • Gallery Requirements: 7,500 ft2 (700m2)

  • Shipping: One-way, inbound, paid by host venue 

  • Language: All text in English and Spanish; language may be converted by host venues