Antarctic Dinosaurs

Come along on a dramatic adventure to Antarctica—one of the most isolated and dangerous environments on Earth—and witness the latest discovery: dinosaurs. 

A red helicopter hovers close to the ground, which is rocky in the foreground and an expanse of snow in the background. A person dressed in a red snowsuit and helmet reaches a hand up towards the helicopter to attach a cargo net with fossils.

Though Antarctica today can be a forbidding land of snow and ice, 200 million years ago it was a wooded, lush habitat where dinosaurs thrived. Opening in 2018, this new traveling exhibition embarks on the thrilling hunt for never-before-seen fossils and sheds new light on our planet’s ever-changing climate and geology.

Following the footsteps of early explorers and scientists today, witness the persistent challenges and extreme conditions of harrowing expeditions to the “Lost Continent.”



  • Gallery Requirements: 5,500 ft2 (511 m2)
  • Shipping: One-way, inbound, paid by host venue (international arrangements vary)
  • Language: All text in English and Spanish; graphics designed for two languages; additional language conversion to be provided by host venue