Death: Life's Greatest Mystery

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Closes Aug 27, 2023

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For every living being on this planet, death is the greatest mystery of them all.

The ways that we experience death, celebrate life, and wonder about what’s next are part of what makes us human— yet it’s also a subject we often push aside. At the Field Museum’s newest exhibition, you can explore perspectives on death and life through culture, science, and art.

Come away with a profound new perspective on life’s most universal experience.

Exhibition Highlights:

  • Encounter a replica of a whale’s body on the ocean floor providing nutrients for nearby organisms 
  • See a full-sized ofrenda made by Chicago artist Norma Rios-Sierra
  • Celebrate life with interactive multimedia art and soundscapes 
  • Ponder the meaning of death with philosophical questions on touchscreen polls

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Additional support provided by Alicia and Peter Pond.
Exhibition does not contain human remains.