Wild Color

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Exhibition Summary

Requires Discovery or All-Access Pass

Closes Jan 8, 2023

All ages


Requires Discovery or All-Access Pass

Closes Jan 8, 2023

All ages

Immerse yourself in nature’s many hues, shades, stripes, and wavelengths.

Dive into the color spectrum as you make your way through immersive rooms, each representing a color of the rainbow. In Wild Color, examine some of the brightest and boldest examples from our collections—alongside experiences designed to awaken your senses. 

Anywhere you look in nature, color holds meaning. It evokes emotion, signals alarm, creates disguise and illusion. In this special exhibition, you’ll learn how to decode the hidden messages that different colors can send. Then, explore some of nature’s mysteries that are hidden in plain sight: creatures that change color, plants and animals that give off an eerie glow, and shades of color that the human eye can’t detect. 

The exhibition is presented in both English and Spanish. La exhibición está presentada en inglés y español.

An iridescent blue butterfly.
An adult and a child raise their arms in front of a light projection to create a colorful display on a wall.

Play with your shadow! See what combinations of light and color you can create in a projection gallery.

Michelle Kuo

Escape the everyday and appreciate the wonder of color.

Exhibition highlights: 

  • Sensory rooms representing hues of the rainbow through light, texture, and sound 

  • A large-scale projection that lets you transform into a fluttering yellow butterfly 

  • Specimens including birds in every color and a platypus that fluoresces under UV light

Where do nature’s colors burst into your environment? 

Share your vivid photos and tag @fieldmuseum and #WildColorField—you might see your photography appear in the Wild Color exhibition!