Press Release: Field Museum and Chicago Brewseum partner with Temperance Beer Company to Create New Brew

August 12, 2019 Events & Announcements

The 1893 World’s Fair brought thousands of people to the city of Chicago. The blend of cultures, thoughts, and flavors changed how Chicagoans viewed themselves and their place in the world. The Field Museum, Temperance Beer Company, and the Chicago Brewseum have partnered to create All the World Is Here, an 1893 World’s Fair-themed cream ale.

“A cream ale is a light, dry, refreshing, low-alcohol beer,” says Liz Garibay, historian and founder of the Chicago Brewseum. “This beer style was developed by American brewers in the 1800s.”

This brew’s flavors pull inspiration from Chicago’s history. 

“All the World is Here includes the same types of European two-row Chevalier barley and American corn found in the Field Museum’s original collections from 1893. The fresher versions, of course” says Megan Williams, Director of Business Enterprises at the Field. “The hop bite and malt flavor is a representation of the Fair that created our museum and our culture.”

“We wanted to brew a beer to celebrate the Brewseum, Chicago's beer history, and the Field Museum’s origins and mission,” says Josh Gilbert, owner and founder of Evanston’s first-ever brewery, Temperance Beer Company. “We are honored to be able to take part in this collaboration.”

In addition to choosing the perfect blend, collaborators worked to find a name for the brew that encompassed the spirit and importance of the Fair.

“All the World is Here” was one of the mottos of the World’s Fair. People from all over the world came to Chicago to learn about world cultures,” says Garibay. “It was the perfect name for our special brew that celebrates this special collaboration.”

All the World is Here is now available at the Field Museum’s restaurants. The official release event of All the World is Here happening on Thursday, August 15th from 4:00–10:00pm at Temperance Beer Company, 2000 Dempster Street in Evanston. Representatives from the Chicago Brewseum and the Field Museum will be on hand to discuss the beer and the collaboration. For more event details visit the following link

All the World is Here will be available for purchase at the museum and local Chicago area stores.