Social Media Community Guidelines

Let’s talk and learn about the natural world together.

The Field is working toward a future rich in nature and culture, and we want our online communities to reflect our values of respect and inclusion. Here are the guidelines we use to foster a welcoming and engaging social media community. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—it’s dino-mite!

We reserve the right to hide or delete comments containing any of the following, and block or ban users who post such content:

  • Hateful or discriminatory messages of any kind, including ones that attack or demean a person’s race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability, as well as any personal attacks, threats, or trolling directed at any other community member
  • Messages that include violent, vulgar, or explicit content, and any message that encourages illegal activity
  • Messages that contain false or misleading information
  • Advertisements, solicitations, endorsements, or commercial content
  • Spam or messages posted by fake accounts
  • Messages that infringe on copyrights
  • Personally identifiable information of any individual, including community members or Field staff members
  • Unproven or false accusations against individuals or organizations
  • Messages impersonating a Field Museum representative or claiming to speak on behalf of the museum

We do not review or moderate all comments, but we do our best to address problematic comments as quickly as possible. Thanks for being a part of our community and helping to create a welcoming atmosphere.