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Petra Sierwald

Associate Curator

Negaunee Integrative Research Center

Main Research Interest:

Evolutionary Biology; biodiversity, phylogeny, biogeography and systematics of Arthropoda, especially Arachnida and Myriapoda; morphological evolution, museum collections analyses

Research: Collections-based biodiversity research in Arachnida and Myriapoda, contributing to species discovery and higher level phylogenies, and to the analysis of complex and new morphological characters suites for phylogenetic research as well as to the development of taxonomic tools. Research strategies address the vastly different knowledge-base in Arachnida on one hand and Myriapoda on the other, with nearly all research in integrative and collaborative arrangements (e.g., millipede phylogenomics research grant). Curation and Education:

Specimen and tissue collection building, improvement of collection accessibility (e.g., NSF TCN grant) and stewardship of data, specifically building the first global and fully referenced millipede species database. Research and biodiversity-centered training at various levels (e.g., REU site grants), advising US-based and international graduate students, and outside grant-funded postdoctoral training are important components of my professional portfolio.

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Degrees held: Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) in Zoology, University of Hamburg; 1985.

M.Sc. (Staatsexamen) in Biology, Geography and Biology-Education; University of Hamburg; 1982.

Grants & awards

NSF: EF-Digitization: 14-02667. Collaborative Research: Digitization TCN: InvertEBase, Awarded amount: $2.2mill, Field Museum portion: $870,000. Sierwald Lead PI, with co-PI R. Bieler.

NSF: DEB: 12-56150. Collaborative Proposal: Millipede phylogenomic, Sierwald Co-PI [FMNH portion $201,780], Lead: former postdoc Dr. J. Bond

NSF: DBI 11-56594, REU site grant at the Field Museum: Access to Global Biodiversity Studies for Undergraduates. Lead PI , with co-PI K.Angielczyk (Geology), [$286,405]

2009: NSF: DBI 08-49958, REU site grant at the Field Museum: Networked Access to Systematic Resources for Undergraduates in Chicagoland. PI, with co-PI P. Makovicky (Geology) [$ 258,464]. 2009: NSF: Future Directions in Biodiversity and Systematics, NSF DEB-09-35231, to P. Herendeen (Chicago Botanic Garden), L.McDade and P. Sierwald [$99,817]. 2006: NSF: DEB-PBI 06-13772: Spider Family Oonopidae (as Co-PI, with Drs. N.I. Platnick, AMNH) and C. E. Griswold (CAS). [$2,460,000, FMNH subaward $62,000]. 2005: NSF, DEB – PEET DEB 05-29715: The Diplopoda: systematics research, training and tools. Lead PI [$745,000]. 2005: NSF: DEB 05-43766Workshop on Understanding Species Diversity on Earth [$55,410]. 2002: NSF DEB-02-28690, as Co-PI (FMNH subaward $59,672), with PI W. Wheeler (AMNH), G. Hormiga (GWU), J. Coddington (SI, and L.Prendini (AMNH); Assembling the Spider Tree of Life: [$2,993,624].  1998 – 2005: NSF-PEET DEB 97-12438: The Diplopoda: Research, Taxonomic Training and Computerization Lead PI [$ 919,384].  June 2002: NSF DEB 02-27440, with Co-PI R. Bieler. Organization of NSF workshop at FMNH: NEON V- Cripton.. See at: June 1994 – May 1998: NSF; as Co-PI (with Dr. Peter Crane as PI); DEB 93-7449. Project Training for Undergraduates in Collections-based Analysis of Biological Diversity. [ $164,369]. 195-198: Several pre-and postdoctoral grants from the German Science Foundation DFG. NATO, Smithsonian Institution, and the The German National Scholarship Foundation, Bonn.



Online Publication:

Sierwald, P. 2012: Education LifeDesk Taxon Pages Instructor Manual, at:

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* denotes undergraduate students

In Review:

Silva, E LC & P Sierwald. In review. Review of the genus Rothus (Araneae: Lycosoidea: Pisauridae). African Invertebrates

In press: Silva, E LC, A Gibbons* & P Sierwald. In press. Description of the male of Dolomedes raptoroides Zhang, Zhu & Song, 2004 (Araneae: Lycosoidea: Pisauridae). Zootaxa


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On-line Publications:

Sierwald, P. 2007: Milli-PEET, URL:

Sierwald, P. (ed.). 2007. On-line publication of the Nomenclator I and II (comprehensive generic and family-group name listing with type species and complete bibliography). URL