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As Curator and Head of the Division of Mammals, I am actively involved in research, education, care of the museum’s research collection, development of exhibits, and management of the museum. I have been a member of the staff since 1988. I began my career as a volunteer at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History, attended the University of Minnesota and worked at the Bell Museum of Natural History as an undergraduate, and received my PhD in Systematics and Ecology from the University of Kansas. I currently teach undergraduate students and advise graduate students at the University of Chicago, with a primary affiliation with the Committee on Evolutionary Biology.

My primary research interest is in the evolutionary origin, ecological maintenance, and conservation of mammalian diversity in island ecosystems. I began conducting research in the Philippines in 1981, and as have led teams of researchers (both foreign and Filipino) to many remote areas, where we have discovered dozens of previously unknown species of mammals, documented patterns of diversity along elevational and disturbance gradients, and inferred the historical processes that have led to the development of this highly distinctive fauna. This research has helped to promote the declaration of several national parks, and has helped to improve the management of many others. With funding from the MacArthur Foundation, I worked with Filipino colleagues to establish the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines in 1992, and I now serve as Emeritus Member of the Board of Directors for that society. I began a two-year term as President of the International Biogeography Society in January 2011.

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University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; B. S. - June 1975

University of Kansas, Lawrence; M.A. awarded with honors - May 1978

University of Kansas, Lawrence; Ph.D. - October 1979

Grants & awards

The following is a list of grants and awards since 1990. For a full list of grants and awards, see attached Curriculum Vitae.

 1990. "Conservation of Mammalian Diversity in the Philippine Islands: Training, Inventory, and Resource Development".  MacArthur Foundation.  Three years (Nov. 1990 - Nov. 1993).

1993. "A Collaborative Advanced Training Program in the Conservation of Biological Diversity". MacArthur Foundation. Three years; Heaney, R. Lacy, and J. Brown. (Sept. 1993-Dec. 1996).

1996. "Proposal for a Conservation Training Consortium".  MacArthur Foundation.  Three years. Challenge grant accepted by a consortium of The Field Museum, Brookfield Zoo, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Shedd Aquarium.  Heaney and D. Moskovits, Co-PI.

1998. “Improvement of long-term storage of the Field Museum’s Bird and Mammal genetic resources”. National Science Foundation.  Two years.  Hackett, Patterson, Bates, Heaney.

2001. “Development of an Integrated Network for Distributed Databases of Mammal Specimen Data”.  National Science Foundation.  Three years.  Heaney, Lowther, Patterson, Stanley.

2001. “Dissertation Research: Comparative phylogeography of six Philippine fruit bats (Pteropodidae)”. National Science Foundation.  Two years.  Heaney, Bates, Roberts.

2002. “Building Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation, Research, and Education in Bhutan”. MacArthur Foundation. Three years.  Heaney, Bates, Hackett, Kerbis, Willard.

2003. “EPA Star Fellowship for Rebecca Rowe.”  Environmental Protection Agency.  Three years.  Heaney, Rowe.

2006. “A Field Guide to the Mammals of Luzon Island”.  Grainger Fund for Science, Field Museum. Two years.

2007. “Collaborative Proposal: Curation, Data-basing, and Integration of the Orphaned Illinois Mammal Collection”.  National Science Foundation, with Univ. New Mexico and Brigham Young Univ.  Heaney, Stanley.

2008. “Web-Based Education to Promote Philippine Conservation”.  Negaunee Foundation. One year.

2009. “Promoting Conservation in the Philippines Through Public Education: A Field Guide to the Mammals of Luzon Island”.  Negaunee Foundation.

2009. “Support for the Division of Mammals Preparator”. Negaunee Foundation.

2010.  “Promoting Conservation in the Philippines through Public Education: A Field Guide to the Mammals of Luzon Island, Year 2.”  Negaunee Foundation.

2011. “Promoting Conservation in the Philippines: The Mammals of Luzon, Year 3".  Negaunee Foundation.

2011. “Support for the Mammals Preparation Lab”. Negaunee Foundation.



For a list of publications since 2000, click hereFor a full list of publications, see attached Curriculum Vitae.

Work experience

EMPLOYMENT: June 1967 to June 1971: Volunteer and Museum Technician, Division of Mammals, Smithsonian Institution

June 1971 to Sept. 1971: Field Collector, Delaware Museum of Natural History

June 1972 to June 1975: Undergraduate Curatorial and Research Assistant, University of Minnesota

June 1973 to August 1975: Field and Research Assistant, Smithsonian Institution (summers)

August to May, 1975 to 1979: Curatorial, Teaching, and Research Assistant, University of Kansas

June 1978 to Sept. 1978: Smithsonian Institution Visiting Graduate Student

Sept. 1979 to Aug. 1986: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology and Assistant Curator, Division of Mammals, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan

Sept. 1986 to Oct. 1988: Research Fellow, Smithsonian Institution

1 Jan. - 31 Dec. 2003: Visiting Scholar, Dept. Geological Sciences, Northwestern University

Oct. 1988 to present: Assistant Curator of Mammals, 1988-June 1991; Associate Curator, June 1991-2002; Curator, 2002-present, Field Museum

Professional affiliations


Research Associate, Smithsonian Institution 1989 to present

Member, Committee on Evolutionary Biology, University of Chicago 1990 to present

Adjunct Curator, Department of Zoology, Philippine National Museum 1991 to present

Research Associate, Department of Mammalogy, American Museum of Natural History 1993 to present

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Illinois - Chicago 1994 to present

Research Curator of Zoology, Utah Museum of Natural History 1997 to present

Adjunct Curator, Museum of Birds and Mammals, University of the Philippines - Diliman 2000 to present

Science Advisory Council, Conservation International - Philippines



American Society of Mammalogists

Biological Society of Washington Linnean Society of London

International Biogeography Society

Sigma Xi

Society for the Study of Evolution

Society of Systematic Biologists

Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines