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John Engel

Curator Emeritus

Negaunee Integrative Research Center

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1960-65.  B.S.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1965-67.  M.S.

University of Michigan Biological Station, 1967.

Michigan State University, 1967-72.  Ph.D. 

Grants & awards

Senior Honors, 1964-65.

Delta Chi Sigma Honorary Science Fraternity (UW-M), 1964-67.

National Science Foundation Summer Fellowship, 1966.

University of Michigan award for study at University of Michigan Biological Station, 1967.

National Geographic Society Grant:  "Botanical Exploration and Collection of Bryophytes in Southern Chile," 1976.

National Science Foundation Grant:  "Systematics and Biogeography of Austro-Zelandic Hepaticae," 1976-79.

National Science Foundation Grant:  "The Systematics of Temperate and Subantarctic Australasian Lophocoleaceae,"  1981-85.

National Geographic Society Grant:  "Botanical Exploration and Collection of Bryophytes in Bolivia," 1982-83.

National Geographic Society Grant:  "Botanical Exploration and Collection of Bryophytes in Bolivia," 1985-86 (continuation of previous grant).

National Science Foundation:  "Curatorial Support for the Field Museum Herbarium," BSR-8801197 (7/15/88-12/31/91).

IllinoisMuseumServices:  Type Photo Restoration Grant (8/31/89-8/31/90).

National Science Foundation:  "Curatorial Support for the Field Museum Herbarium,"  BSR-9021960 (9/1/91-2/28/94).

National Geographic Society Grant:  "Investigation on the Hepatic flora of New Zealand," 1995.

National Geographic Society Grant:  "Interdisciplinary Investigations on the Hepatic and Agaric Biotas of New Zealand,"  1997.

National Geographic Society Grant:  "Studies on rare and threatened liverworts in the New Zealand botanical region."  2003.

National Geographic Society Grant:  "Biodiversity studies on the liverwort flora of the New Zealand Botanical Region."  2005.

National Geographic Society; "Liverworts in New Zealand:  Tree of Life and flora."  2006.

National Science Foundation Grant:  ATOL:  Collaborative Research -- Assembling the Liverwort Tree of Life:  A window into the evolution and diversication of early land plants.  2006-

GBIF Grant.  Towards a world checklist of liverworts.  (co-PI)

Work experience

Research Assistant, Michigan State University, 1967-71.

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 1971-72.

Donald Richards Assistant Curator of Bryology, Field Museum of Natural History, 1972-77.

Donald Richards Associate Curator of Bryology, Field Museum of Natural History, 1977-86.

Donald Richards Curator of Bryology, Field Museum of Natural History,  1986-2008

Served as Acting Chairman, Department of Botany, September 1987- May, 1988

Chairman, Department of Botany, Field Museum of Natural History, June, 1988 to Sept. 1993

Curatorial Affiliate in the Division of Botany, Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale

Curator Emeritus, Department of Botany, Field Museum, 2009-



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