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Nina Sandlin


Nina started in the Field Museum's spider collection in 1998, identifying specimens in the nearctic backlog and updating the taxonomic and biogeographic organizaton of the material. She worked on the Swallow Cliff diversity study, helped compile the Midwest spider list, and reorganized the museum's holdings of the six-eyed goblin spiders (family Oonopidae) in preparation for a Planetary Biodiversity Inventory grant.

After encountering many specimens of the tiny and poorly known sheet web weavers (family Linyphiidae), she began focusing on ways to aid identification of this group, particularly the dwarf spiders (subfamily Erigoninae sensu lato). Her LinEpig visual reference gallery provides one of the very few identification tools available for female erigonines -
the only spiders in North America without a key to the genus level.

Starting in August 2014, she has been the presenter of the Field Museum's Insect of the Week gallery on Facebook.


Nina Sandlin
Spiders - Zoology
Field Museum of Natural History
1400 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60605 USA

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