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Daniel Le

Digital Media Specialist

Negaunee Integrative Research Center

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BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL      2008 – 2012             
Concentration in Photography and Drawing



Gonzáles, J. Boone, J.H., Brilmyer, G.M, Le, D., 2010, The Giant Butterfly-moths of the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, with notes on the Herman Strecker collection, SHILAP 38 (152): 385-409

Boone, J. H., Gonzáles, J. M., Brilmyer, G. M., Le, D. 2010. Computerization of the Field Museum of Natural

History Giant butterfly moth collection (Castniidae). News of the Lepidopterists’ Society, 52 (2): 72-73.

Work experience

Imaging Botanical specimens for research and archival purposes.
Management of digital media for the Botanical collections.
Consulted for Fish, and Paleobotany Imaging Standards.
Imaging Equipment technician for Botany and Fish Collections.
Imaging Botanical Types for Institutions such as ANSP, FLAS, ILL, YALE, MICH, and CAL.

-Insect Collection Intern, James Boone – Imaged Lepidoptera and Coleoptera type specimens , curated, and databased giant butterfly moth collection (Lepidoptera: Castiniidae)
-Scientific Illustrator, Dr. Thomas Wesener - Hand-illustrated Holotype Diplopoda specimens and genetalia for use in classification publication
-Fossil Preparatory Intern, Akiko Shinya and Constance Van Beek - -Prepared vertebrae fossils using mechanical, manual, and chemical processes