Jamie Kelly

Head of Anthropology Collections; Collections Manager

Gantz Family Collections Center
Science Focus

Jamie is the Head of Anthropology Collections and an Anthropology Collections Manager. He is responsible for the care of cultural collections from Asia, Europe, and the Near East as well as for archaeological collections from Africa. He works with communities and other visitors to connect them with these collections.

He has led several re-organizations and moves of collections to new storage areas. Between 2009 and 2010 he taught a US State Department funded Iraqi Heritage Training course at the Museum. He has worked with community partners and staff on the digitization of collections from the Philippines for an online curation portal. He has also worked in Brazil and the Midwestern United States, where his research interests are in the ancient history of the Upper Mississippi River Valley and Great Lakes regions around 1000 years ago.

Education and Work

  • B.A. Anthropology and Art History with a minor in Museum Studies, Beloit College, 1996.
  • M.S. Anthropology with certification in Museum Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2002.Before joining the Field Museum in 2006, Jamie was the museum registrar at the Wheaton Historic Preservation Council in Wheaton, Illinois. He has also served as a conservation assistant at the Milwaukee Public Museum and as a museum registrar at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prior to his graduate studies in Milwaukee, he was a field archaeologist in Illinois and Wisconsin.


Jamie has served on the Board of the Illinois Archaeological Survey (IAS) and is a member of:

  • Midwest Archaeological Conference (MAC)
  • Wisconsin Archeological Society (WAS)
  • American Alliance of Museums (AAM)
  • Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists (ARCS)
  • Association of Midwest Museums (AMM)
  • Illinois Association of Museums (IAM)