Jim Louderman

Collections Assistant, Insects

Gantz Family Collections Center
Science Focus

    I am Jim Louderman, I am a collections assistant in the Insect Division here at the Field Museum.  My main interest is the study of Coleoptera (Beetles) focusing on Staphylinidae (Rove Beetles) and Cerambycidae (Long Horn Beetles).  I also work on Diplopoda (Millipedes) and Araneae (Spiders).  I also do many public programs both here at the museum and at other sites.  At the museum I present at Dozin With The Dinos (overnights), birthday parties and other assorted museum programs.  Other sites include schools, environmental groups, retirement communities, The Indiana Dune National Lakeshore and other interested groups.

    Insects- Staphylinidae, Cerambycidae

    Education and Work

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    Research Sketch

    My research is focused in the central United States