Latinx Heritage Month

Every year rom September 15 through October 15, we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month at the Field. Hear from Latinx staff members and learn about the Field’s work, from Chicago to the Amazon rainforest. Explore events, exhibitions, and stories throughout the month.

Featured performances

We celebrate Latinx culture and tradition with vibrant music and dance performances.

La Escuelita Bombera de Corazón

Join us Saturday, September 23 for live music and dance in the Museum's Stanley Field Hall, featuring a vibrant performance of Bomba featuring local group La Escuelita Bombera de Corazón.

Gingarte Capoeira Chicago

Join us on Saturday, October 7, for a unique performance of the martial art, Capoeira, that combines elements of fight, dance, acrobatics, rhythm, music, and philosophy as cultural expression.

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Join us Monday, October 9, as our guest performers share their indigenous pride through stories, song, and dance. It's also a Free Day for Illinois residents!

Ballet Folklorico de Chicago

On Saturday, October 14, enjoy a celebration of Mexican culture and traditions with Ballet Folklorico de Chicago.

Special events

Join us for special events featuring bilingual conversation and science presented by Latinx staff and scientists.

Bilingual Storytime

During Latinx Heritage Month, join Laura Rodriguez-Romaní, founder of Los Amigos Books, for a fun-filled bilingual story time with your child. Afterward, both you and your child can participate in a short activity led by Field Museum staff.

Meet a Scientist

See the latest science first-hand in the Grainger Science Hub

A. Watson Armour III Research Seminar Series

Our weekly seminar series features speakers and their research related to the study of natural history and culture.

Planning your visit

Throughout the month, the Field Bistro on the museum’s main level features special dishes and ingredients from Latin America.

View our Spanish map or pick up a paper copy when you arrive at the museum. We also have visit guides available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Shop online

Celebrate Latinx Heritage with special merchandise, books, and toys. All purchases help support the Field’s work.

Recommended Reading

In the spirit of group reading, here are recommended reads for adults and kids from our friends at the Chicago Public Library. 

Learning Resources

  • Monarchs Legend Story and Coloring Book

    Read The Legend of the Parákata or color your own version of the story!

  • Ancient Americas Educator Guide

    Investigate diverse cultures across different times and geographic locations in the Ancient Americas exhibition.

  • Societies in the Ancient Americas | Exploring the Field Guide

    Observe six types of societies that developed in the Americas in response to specific environmental conditions.

Latinx Herigate Month Scavenger Hunt

As you explore the Museum, discover the impact Latinx staff have made with our scavenger hunt. Download below or pick up a copy as you enter the Museum. 

Why "Latinx"? 

Our goal for Latinx Heritage Month is to celebrate the scientific ingenuity and cultural uniqueness of Latinx staff, researchers, and work that has been carried out in Latin America and the United States.  In doing so, we would like to move away from language-centered terminology such as “Hispanic,” as it pertains to Spanish speakers and thus excludes many people who celebrate this month. The term “Latinx” has been used as a gender-neutral alternative to describe people of Latin American descent. The “x” replaces what in Spanish are the traditional “male” or “female” endings, “o” and “a.” We recognize that no label is perfect, especially when defining a diverse group of people. Our hope for this year’s celebrations is to elevate and highlight Latinx stories and invite people to reflect on how they would like to be seen, thus beginning an excellent tradition for Latinx staff and community that will continue to grow and become more successful with time. Thank you for celebrating with us.

Additional resources

Field Museum staff members have a variety of different roles across the museum. Here are some featured speakers from past Latinx Heritage Month celebrations. Bilingual Virtual Collections Tour Andean Anthropology with Luis Muro  Mammals in the Andes-Amazon Region with Farah Carrasco Cultural Monarch Ties with Airis Cervantes.