Animals: Research

We invite you to explore our collections and research programs in Amphibians and Reptiles; Birds; Fishes; Insects, Arachnids, and Myriapods; Invertebrates and Mammals through the divisional web pages.

Vision Statement

The central goals of Field Museum Zoology are:

  1. To continue as a center of intellectual excellence in specimen-based research on evolutionary biology and biodiversity science
  2. To lead efforts to document Earth’s biological diversity through collections growth, curation and study
  3. To share new-found knowledge of the diversity of life, and the processes that shape it, with diverse audiences.

We envision meeting these goals by:

  1. Conducting vigorous programs of research as evidenced through field and lab-based studies of the natural world resulting in peer-reviewed publications and active participation in conferences and other scientific initiatives.
  2. Continuing successful curator-driven efforts to obtain competitive funding from the National Science Foundation and other sources for conducting critical research on biodiversity while training a new generation of scientists from around the world through existing and new doctoral and post-doctoral programs.
  3. Working to improve the research facilities at The Field Museum for state-of-the art science in collaboration with other departments and through strategic planning within our department.  Initiatives will include collections databasing, imaging, GIS, and bioinformatics.
  4. Developing innovations to make collections more accessible and relevant to a global audience through new collections databases, new types of data, new ideas for exhibits, and innovative educational programming.
  5. Highlighting and continuing to develop the Collections Resource Center and our dry collections areas as world-class centerpieces for collections and research.