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Published: April 21, 2014

Caring for a Collection: The Team

Jessica Sandy, Sr. Web Project Manager, Communications

Meet the other members of this inaugural team and learn about what skills are needed for the upkeep of this important collection. Check back in on Monday for the final video in the series for a first-hand look at the backbone for the whole collection – the infrastructure. See what goes into installing the collection’s compactor units and see how these nuts and bolts do more than hold everything together.

Jessica Sandy

I am responsible for managing several web and digital media initiatives at The Field Museum. These include The Field Museum website, mobile site/apps, exhibition/science microsites, intranet and other development projects. Schooled in various project management methodologies, nothing excites me more than crafting an agile and executable project plan. I enjoy leading a dedicated, innovative team in developing technical solutions, websites and applications that are both beautiful and intuitive.