Published: January 28, 2016

Carl Akeley's Striped Hyenas

In 1896, taxidermist Carl Akeley ventured to Somalia on a research expedition with Field Museum scientists, and procured a quartet of striped hyenas (among many other things). For more than six decades, these taxidermied mounts sat in an unfinished diorama case - and we wanted to do something about it! Fast forward to last year, when we launched our Indiegogo campaign, "Project Hyena Diorama." Today, thanks to more than 1,500 donors, 50+ staff, viewers of The Brain Scoop, and many more supporters who shared and promoted Project Hyena Diorama, the Field Museum is celebrating the opening of its first full-scale habitat diorama in more than six decades. 

We COULD NOT have done this without your help! This was such a huge undertaking, and it was all made possible by passionate learners and curious folks from all over the world. Thank you!

Thanks to Dr. Larry Heaney for taking the time for this interview! 

To check out the Indiegogo campaign.

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