Published: March 11, 2015

Discover Calumet: The Calumet Outdoors Series Connects People to the Many Natural Areas in the Region

Laura Milkert, Conservation Ecology Manager, Keller Science Action Center

The announcement of the Pullman National Monument is drawing positive attention to the Calumet Region and The Calumet Outdoors Series 2015 provides an exciting opportunity for people to experience an eclectic variety of beautiful places first-hand. This monthly series of free guided hikes and events takes participants throughout Northwest Indiana and Southeast Chicago. A collaboration among several Calumet Stewardship Initiative (CSI) organizations, the Calumet Outdoors Series focuses on connecting people to the natural assets across the region, be they a revitalized site of a former steel mill, or a dedicated nature preserve. Building on The Field Museum's commitment to Calumet, Museum staff will lead several interpretive hikes as a part of this initiative.

All are welcome to come hike unexpected parts of Chicago Wilderness and get to know the globally rare ecology of the region.

Photo: Laura Milkert

Doug Stotz guides bird-watchers at the March 2012 Calumet Outdoors hike at Northerly Island. These hikes, like a walk along Wolf Lake in January of 2015 (below), offer a unique perspective into Calumet.

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Laura Milkert
Conservation Ecology Manager

Laura’s work integrates her varied experience in program management, habitat restoration, anthropology, and working with communities.Outside of the Field Museum, Laura takes an interest in creative endeavors of various sorts related to native and edible gardens, the intersection of art and nature (photography, papermaking and collage, pottery) and exploring the natural areas and trails of the local region and beyond.