Published: March 20, 2020

Experience the Field at Home


Continue exploring natural history with online resources and at-home activities for all ages. 

Two children seated at a table look at picture books.

We’re rounding up some of our favorite ways to stay connected. If you're interested in seeing more on a certain topic, email us at

Learning Resources

Looking for science activities and games for kids? The Field has lesson plans, videos, games, and more for teachers and parents. Our Learning at Home hub makes it easy to filter by grade level and topic. Kids and their adults can explore plants and animals, world cultures, Earth science, and more. Our amazing educators shared a few of their favorites.

Online and at-home activities

Movie night with SUE the T. rex

Encounter SUE the T. rex and discover the secrets of the pharaohs, all from your living room. We've partnered with Giant Screen Films to offer seven action-packed, natural history movie rentals for less than the price of popcorn! Browse our selection for your next movie night—proceeds from your rental go to support the museum's critical work.

Watch a Movie

Illustration of a fierce-looking T. rex showing its teeth, surrounded by other dinosaurs.

Nature near you

Nature can be comforting while many other things are uncertain. If you’re going for a walk or bird-watching from your window, you can identify local wildlife. Field Guides provide helpful details on what to look for while observing wildlife in Chicago and Illinois: 

Don't recognize something you've spotted? Snap a photo and share it to iNaturalist, where your fellow nature lovers can help you ID it.

Printouts showing several photos of different types of birds and frogs.

Stay connected on social media

Even if the museum is closed, we're always open on Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterArticles on our blog give snapshots and in-depth explorations of museum life. Get a glimpse into scientists’ past expeditions, revisit some of your favorite museum specimens, and see how exhibitions are made. 

You can also join in live chats with Field experts in Meet a Museum Insider Online, and take a peek behind the scenes when you tune into other online events.

Upcoming Virtual Events


Not to mention, SUE the T. rex is now free to roam the museum. Find out what they're up to!

Chat with a dinosaur

Máximo is always delighted to hear from you. Strike up a conversation with our friendly titanosaur by texting 1-844-994-3466 or messaging him online. Ask him about his favorite food, what Earth was like million of years ago, and what he does in his spare time at the museum.

Find out how we assembled the world’s largest dinosaur in just a few days by watching the timelapse.

Lucy Hewett

Online library 

Curl up with a good digitized resource. Many of the Field Museum Library resources are available online. Among them are archival materials like the Moving Image Collection and a variety of archival texts (we recommend a book called The Giraffe in History and Art). 

And thanks to our partner, the Biodiversity Heritage Library, you can peruse beautiful botanical images and other scientific illustrations

Be sure to check out your local library’s online offerings, too. Chicago Public Library gives you access to magazines, language learning, and more. 

Illustration of a heron eating a snake.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Thanks for your support

Many cultural institutions, including the Field, depend on having people visit our public spaces every day. While we’re closed, we’ll continue sharing great online content. If you learn something new or get a moment of joy out of what we’re sharing, we’re grateful for a donation of any amount in support of our work and mission. A “like” or share brightens our day as well. 

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