Published: July 30, 2012

The Lom River Valley Unseen

Dilyana Ivanova, Program Administrator, Integrative Research Center

The 27-minute video, “The Lom River Valley Unseen,” was produced by the Rousse Regional Museum of History in Bulgaria as part of a project funded through the Site Preservation and Museum Enhancement Program. This program has been developed by the American Research Center in Sofia and The Field Museum in Chicago with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The Rousse Regional Museum of History project is entitled, “Bishops Residence from the Late Middle Ages – Archaeology, Education and Tourism.” It was funded for the amount of $39,680. During the project, a few major goals were accomplished, including the restoration and conservation of the Bishop's complex from the early Ottoman period, as well as its preparation for exhibit. The movable valuables from the site were also conserved. As part of this project, the Rousse Museum organized an educational module for archaeology, elaborated a guide through the Rousse Lom River, and produced the video entitled, “The Lom River Valley Unseen.” 

The premiere of the movie took place at the press conference in Rousse on June 18, 2012. During the meeting, the completion of the project, "Bishops Residence from the Late Middle Ages – Archaeology, Education and Tourism," was announced.