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Published: March 14, 2011

Past Projects

Erika Hasle, Conservation Ecologist, Keller Science Action Center

Quick links to downloadable resources from Science Action.  


Grab This Fish Tale is a comic book about angling and fish consumption practices that are healthy and good for the environment! Download the Spanish version here!
Climate Change in the Windy City and the World is a tool for understanding climate science in the Chicago region.
The Climate Action Plan for Nature (CAPN) Community Adaptation Strategies is a companion piece to the Chicago Wilderness Climate Action Plan for Nature (CAPN). The CAPN addresses climate change impacts on nature in the four-state Chicago Wilderness region. The Strategies document lays out the five strategies that communities and residents can undertake to help the region's nature adapt to climate change.
Pass the Baton is a group activity that shows participants how to share environmental knowledge across generations.
What Does Climate Change Look Like to You?
Another creative method, this drawing activity elicits a visual response from participants and can be done either individually or in a group.
Visual Collages use photographs of environmentally-friendly practices taken in Chicago area neighborhoods and arranged by environmental themes. This tool draws out conversations around climate change and action.

Mapping Green Assets
Discover your local assets! By mapping community buildings such as libraries, schools, and parks, communities can create a strong foundation for their climate action efforts.

Bring together senior citizens within the community to share environmental stories from their past. Using these stories, you can learn how to connect green efforts with community heritage.
Foster Green Partnerships: Facilitator's Guide
Bring together members of diverse organizations and learn how to collaborate on pressing community concerns.
What Does Green Mean?
Spark conversations about what "green" means to people in your community, using images that represent "green" places, people, activities, and issues. This version includes photos and stand alone instructions, the photos can also be used with the Foster Green Partnerships: Facilitator's Guide.
Green Partnership Videos highlight successful green partnerships. By showing each video and facilitating discussion, organizations can see fresh examples of powerful work and consider its relevance for their own efforts. While the tools on this site have been tailored to libraries, they can be used by any organization. This activity can be used with the Foster Green Partnerships: Facilitator's Guide.
What Three Words Come to Mind?
This is a simple survey prompt that can be used to creatively visualize the conceptions of climate change in your community. The tool includes instructions on how to create your own word cloud.
Environmentally-Friendly Practices List
This written survey can be used to determine what forms of climate action residents may already be doing (and may not even know are forms of climate action!).



Erika Hasle

Erika brings her background in both ecology and geographic information systems to the Keller Science Action Center's Chicago Region Conservation Programs. Her current projects include using GIS to support habitat stewardship, in the Kankakee Sands Ecoregion, and conservation planning for monarch butterflies in urban areas.