Published: March 9, 2011

Rapid Inventories

In an era when Google Earth can show us exactly where we are, it seems amazing that vast areas remain unexplored.  Yet, since 1999, our rapid inventories have brought together hundreds of partners to survey the Earth’s least known wilderness.  We have discovered more than 150 species new to science and increased the known ranges for more than 1,000 species. And, the ultimate result of these inventories is spectacular: 32 million acres of protected wilderness in the Amazon headwaters, Cuba, and China. 

News on the latest conservation landscape

Our process

How do we mount a rapid inventory?

Our impact

We focus on conservation outcomes--working with governments to get new areas on the map.

Our reports

We put science in the hands of decision-makers, conservation organizations, and local people.

Our team

In our latest inventory in northern Peru we brought together local residents with museum scientists from around the world.

Our training

We are building a corps of rapid inventory scientists in Peru and Bolivia.