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Hands-on with science

Go behind the scenes with The Brain Scoop, our educational YouTube channel. With host Emily Graslie as your guide, dig into the discoveries we’re making every day—both inside our walls and across the world. 

Each episode brings you along for a new journey into natural history, from interviews with scientists and tours of collections, to expeditions and deep dives into the nitty-gritty work of preparing museum specimens. 

Host Emily Graslie examines an octopus specimen under the direction of curator Janet Voight while being filmed for The Brain Scoop.

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The Brain Scoop

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Brain Scoop beginnings

Emily Graslie is the Field’s first-ever Chief Curiosity Correspondent. In 2013, as a volunteer at a zoological museum in Montana, together with YouTube educator Hank Green, Emily created and launched The Brain Scoop to share museum work with a broad audience. A few months later, the series found a permanent home here at the Field. Emily and The Brain Scoop team continue to create educational videos that transport you to the Museum from anywhere in the world.

Emily Graslie smiles and looks to her right, while sitting at a desk. Books and specimens are visible in the background.

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