Digitization Camel Donga


FMNH Collection Data:
Classification: Achondrite, eucrite (monomict breccia)
Specimen number: FMNH ME 3104
Specimen mass: 144.2 grams

Camel Donga was found in 1984 near Camel Donga, on the Nullarbor Plain of Western Australia. Initially only one stone was recovered with a mass of 503 grams, however, in 1985 eleven more stones were recovered within 1km of the original site. Since the finds in 1985 more stones have been found and the amount of recovered material from the Camel Donga fall is approximately 30kg. Camel Donga is an achondrite and classified as a monomict basaltic breccia from the eucrite group. It is thought to come from asteroid 4 Vesta or a vesta-like asteroid.

Image/animation: © 2011 The Field Museum.

Sources: Meteoritical Bulletin Database and Grady, M. M., Catalogue of Meteorites, 5th edition.