If you are an out-of-state educator, please visit Group Sales for field trip programs and registration.


  • Payment is due 14 days prior to your visit. Or at the time of registration if your trip is less than 14 days away.
  • Remit payment to: The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60605, Attn: Reservations Office.
  • The Field Museum is unable to accept POs as a form of payment.
  • Teachers and chaperones that have not pre-registered will not be eligible for the discounted group rate and will be subject to the full retail admission costs upon arrival.
  • The discounted group rates for ticketed exhibitions and 3D Films are available M-F. Groups registering for field trips on Saturday or Sunday will be charged full retail admission costs for admission to ticketed exhibitions and 3D Films. 
  • To cancel or revise your reservation, email fieldtrip@fieldmuseum.org or call (312) 665-7500. Cancellations or changes to your reservation must be made 14 days prior to the scheduled visit to receive a refund.
  • Groups that arrive at the Museum with fewer people than were paid for at the time of the reservation will not receive a refund.
  • Registration for groups is required on Museum Free Days. Groups that do not pre-register may not be admitted.


  • During field trips teachers are considered chaperones.
  • Pre-K through 5th grade students must be accompanied by a minimum of 1 adult for every 5 students and a maximum of 1 adult for every 3 students.
  • 6th through 12th grade students must be accompanied by 1 adult for every 10 students.
  • Adults in excess of the ratio, not included in pre-registration, will be subject to full admission costs upon arrival.
  • Failure to abide by the required chaperone ratio may result in your group being turned away at the door. Students must remain with their chaperones at all times in the Museum. Failure to adequately supervise your group may result in the group being asked to leave the Museum.
  • Chaperones must stay with their students at all times and are responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of the students they accompany. 
  • Schools must report any incidents involving students or chaperones during a field trip within 24 hours of the visit.

Lunch Seating

Siragusa Center (Reserved Space)

  • Lunchroom space at the Siragusa Center is limited to groups with reservations M-F.
  • You may bring your own lunches or pre-order bagged lunches from Field to Table (see below). No coolers permitted.
  • A $65 fee per group for use of the Siragusa Center (for eating and/or storing lunches) applies to schools and organizations outside of Chicago. Chicago schools and Chicago non-profit youth based organizations can use the facility for free with pre-registration. Fee-based student classes during field trip hours include complimentary lunch space in a classroom.
  • Check for a special attachment to your confirmation materials for your scheduled lunchtime and any applicable fees. When lunch space is not available on the date(s) you requested, no scheduled time will be listed on your confirmation materials.
  • If you have reserved the Siragusa Center, Museum staff will collect your lunches when you arrive at the Museum and set the lunches out at your assigned lunch time.
  • Please arrive at Siragusa five minutes prior to your scheduled lunch time.
  • Backpacks cannot be stored due to space limitations and will not be considered “lunch bags.”  
  • Note that you are unable to reserve eating space on Saturday and Sunday. On these days, Siragusa seating is first-come, first-serve and the space is open to the public.

Free Lunch Seating (First-come, first-serve)

  • Free lunch seating is also available at the Sea Mammals area (ground level) and on the patio. This limited space is first-come, first served. Please bring lunches in backpacks if choosing this option. Lunches will not be held in the Siragusa Center.

Field to Table Bagged Lunches 

  • You may pre-order bagged lunches from our catering service, Field to Table. Bagged lunches are $8 each and will be delivered to your preferred lunch location (either Siragusa or the Sea Mammals area). Please see the Field to Table School Group Lunch order form for more details. Note: you must make a reservation to eat in Siragusa and fees still apply: $65 for groups outside of Chicago, no charge for groups from Chicago.

Coat Check

  • Groups who reserve a time to eat in the Siragusa Lunch Center can drop off their coats when they arrive during the months of October through April. 
  • Please plan for extra time to allow for coat drop off when  you arrive.
  • Coats must be picked up 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. 
  • Groups who do not have a Sirugusa Lunch Center reservation are not eligible for coat check. 

Bus Drop-off

  • Buses should drop students off at the barrier-free East Entrance.
  • Buses can access the East Entrance by traveling north on Museum Campus Drive past McFetridge Drive. Follow Museum Campus Drive to your right toward the Adler Planetarium. Turn left at the first stop sign and turn left again to head back west toward the Museum. Turn right into the East Entrance drop off area. Buses should exit the turnaround at the south exit of the East Entrance parking lot. Buses cannot stage pickups or drop-offs on Solidarity Drive or on the south side of the Museum. 
  • Please see this link for driving directions

Museum Stores

  • Students are welcome in all of the Museum’s stores, as long as they are accompanied by the required ratio of adults. Stores are located on the ground level, main level, and upper level.

Behavior Expectations

In order to ensure that all visitors have a safe, meaningful and enjoyable learning experience at The Field Museum, we ask that you carefully read and communicate the following behavior expectations to all students and chaperones.

Be Safe

  • Students of all ages must remain with a chaperone at all times. 
  • Break students into groups of at least one chaperone per five students for pre-K through 5th grade, and at least one chaperone per ten students for 6th through 12th grade.
  • Running, rough-housing, and climbing on exhibit structures are not permitted.
  • The excitement of field trips can be overwhelming for some students - create a guided field trip experience to focus their energy. When students first enter an exhibition, give them time to acclimate to the new learning environment before engaging in a focused activity.
  • Field Museum docents and staff are available for assistance.
  • The Field Museum docents, wearing blue shirts, are stationed throughout the Museum and at the information desk and have a wealth of knowledge about the Museum. Security guards are stationed at each entrance.

Be Respectful

  • Food, drink, and gum are not allowed in the exhibitions.
  • Reserve space in the Siragusa Center or find a space in Sea Mammals if students will be eating lunch at the Museum.
  • Be a steward of Field Museum property.
  • Only touch objects when invited to do so by Museum signs or staff. Bring clipboards, science notebooks, or find other appropriate hard surfaces to write on instead of display cases.
  • Be considerate of other Field Museum guests.
  • Use indoor voices and set all cell phones to silent mode. Students may sit on the floor to closely observe exhibitions provided that traffic flow is not blocked.

Be Curious

  • Create questions before visiting The Field Museum.
  • Students can develop “I wonder” statements to investigate during their visit. For example, “I wonder how mummies were created.”
  • Document observations at The Field Museum.
  • Students can record their observations through scientific illustrations or photographs. Photography is permitted in all permanent exhibitions. Look for signs indicating when a temporary exhibition cannot be photographed.
  • Continue to think critically after visiting The Field Museum.
  • Students can compare observations, analyze and interpret collected data, and construct explanations.