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The N. W. Harris Learning Collection at the Field Museum offers over 1,500 treasures—real specimens and artifacts—for educators and parents to borrow. Use the materials from our Learning Collection to engage learners in scientific practices, develop critical thinking skills, and pique curiosity about Earth’s natural and cultural diversity. The following “hands-on kits” were designed to support teachers using featured systems biology lessons:

Birds Tree of Life Experience Box

This box includes ten bird skulls from the Bronze-Winged Mannikin, Zebra Finch, Caribbean Flamingo, Blue Jay, American Crow, Burrowing Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Northern Cardinal, Duck, and Pileated Woodpecker.  The variation in their skull sizes and beaks reminds us that they are highly adapted to different food sources and environments. Learn about the process of natural selection and create an evolutionary bird tree of life to show how the specimens in the box are related.  Use this box with the Systems Biology Lesson – The Case of Darwin’s Finches.

Skulls and Limbs Experience Box

This box includes skulls from the American Alligator, Human Female European, Dog, Cat, American Beaver, Mouse and Road Runner; along with skeletal comparison sets of hind and front limbs. Explore the variation in skulls and limbs that show how animals and humans are highly adapted to different food sources and environments. Use this box with the Systems Biology Lesson – The Effect of Natural Selection on Genes, Traits and Individuals.

Borrow these materials for FREE! Download the coupon below and contact Harris Learning Collection staff during our open hours of operation (Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3-7pm and Saturdays 9am – 5pm) for more details. Be sure to mention the coupon when you talk to staff!

DNA Experience Box

This box includes DNA models, building blocks, books and DVDs. Explore DNA, what it is and how scientists are using it. Use this box in conjunction with any Systems Biology Lesson Plan. Coupon does not apply to this box.

Field Trips

Visit the Field Museum’s DNA Discovery Center and watch as scientists conduct systems biology research! Check out our Field Trip Programs for registration information, planning resources, and other student programs to learn more.