Two people stand in the Restoring Earth exhibition, looking at a peregrine falcon specimen.

Abbott Hall of Conservation: Restoring Earth

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Anchor: #learn-from-the-past-to-enable-a-brighter-future

Learn from the past to enable a brighter future.

Field Museum scientists get their hands dirty and their feet wet in service of conserving the natural world, promoting cultural understanding, and learning more about life on earth. In the Abbott Hall of Conservation: Restoring Earth, see how our staff puts science into action.

Get an up-close look at this collaborative work of conserving rainforests in Peru, safeguarding the biodiversity of Madagascar, and connecting people on Chicago's South Side with nature. Restoring Earth offers a glimpse into our worldwide conservation efforts—and the rich ecosystems that are central to our well-being—through videos, large-scale photographs, and hands-on learning tools.

Museum and local scientists perform rapid inventories in the Amazon rainforest to gather information about as many of the plants and animals living there as possible.

Our scientists go the distance in their efforts to collect new specimens and better understand the world we live in.

Get an up-close look at fascinating specimens and their habitats.

Exhibition highlights:

  • Hear about our scientists’ work in their own words

  • Watch videos of scientists working around the globe and close to home

  • Take a closer look using the interactive “green wall”

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