Five Hula practitioners, gathered together in front of the Chicago skyline.

Chicago’s Legacy Hula

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Closes Mar 9, 2025

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Celebrate 130 years of Hula in Chicago.

Learn the untold history of four Kumu Hula (master teachers of Hawaiian Hula) who perpetuated, preserved, and protected Hula as a way of life.

Listen to the voices of Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) as they tell their own history and learn how their community continues to thrive in Chicago and beyond.

Chicago- and Hawai`i-born Native Hawaiians continue these practices together and act as co-curators for this limited-time exhibition.

Experience Native Hawaiian Culture and the legacy of the four Kumu Hula told through this exquisite collection.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Kāhili (feather royal standards) gifted to the Field Museum by descendants of Hawaiian Royalty
  • Traditional lei, instruments, and regalia used for Hula
  • `Ahu `ula (feather cape), which once belonged to King Kamehameha II
  • Intergenerational photography of Kumu Hula (Master Hula teachers) who played key roles in the legacy and continuation of Hula in Chicago and beyond

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