In a digital interactive, adjust a cheetah’s speed to see how its spine springs into action when it runs.

The Machine Inside: Biomechanics

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What’s a machine that’s built to survive, move, and discover?

All living things—including you!—contain remarkable feats of engineering. Investigate nature’s mechanical marvels in The Machine Inside: Biomechanics. You’ll uncover surprising strengths and hidden talents: jaws that can crush over 8,000 pounds in one bite, ears that act as air conditioners, and a spring-like body that sprints at 80 miles per hour. All ages can try out interactive experiences that show how mechanics like wings and fins, pumps and pipes, and claws and jaws work in nature.

The exhibition is presented in both English and Spanish. La exhibición está presentada en inglés y español.

a section of Biomechanics exhibition featuring a cheetah in a running pose

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