Searle Family Lounge

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Included with Basic admission

All ages


Included with Basic admission

All ages

Pause and examine something new. 

The Searle Family Lounge features temporary displays of large collections items you can examine up close (think: dinosaur skull or giant microscope). 

Situated in the north balcony overlooking Stanley Field Hall, it’s also one of the Field’s best photo spots—with a flying pterosaur, Máximo the Titanosaur, and the hanging gardens in-frame. Plus, you can pause on the benches to enjoy an educational video about Field Museum research. 

Photo by Instagram user @meggzbeth. 

On view now

Atom Probe

You need a really, really big microscope to see the tiniest building blocks of matter. Currently on display in the Searle Family Lounge is an atom probe field-ion microscope: a machine used to view the individual atoms of a solid material in three dimensions.

Field Museum cosmochemist Philipp Heck and his colleague Jennika Greer use an atom probe to study ancient materials that were created before the solar system was born. In this exhibit, learn how they use a microscope to probe ancient meteorites—atom by atom—and even view nanodiamonds embedded in these space rocks. 

Once used at Northwestern University’s Materials Research Center, this particular machine is now part of the collection at the Museum of Science and Industry and on loan to the Field. See the atom probe in the Searle Family Lounge through April 10, 2022.