Anthropology Alliance

Get to know our anthropologists and archaeologists, and support research across the globe.

The Anthropology Alliance is a donor community that shares interest in human history, culture, and experience.

Your participation supports the essential work of Field Museum anthropologists, who care for more than 1.5 million objects and artifacts, use the latest technology in their research, and conduct fieldwork around the world. Donors enjoy special events, updates, programs and behind-the-scenes experiences with Field anthropologists.


Anthropology Alliance membership is a special opportunity for our Founders’ Council and Discovery Circle donors. Anthropology Alliance donors are encouraged to additionally support the Anthropology department with a gift of $100 or more.

Not yet a part of our Founders’ Council or Discovery Circle donor communities?

Learn more about joining our Founders’ Council. Learn more about joining our Discovery Circle. In addition to all donor benefits, Anthropology Alliance members have the chance to experience: 

  • Special programs and events with Field anthropologists

  • Exclusive updates from curators and collections experts

  • Joint opportunities with partner organizations

As an Anthropology Alliance member, you’re helping us explore two million years of humanity and understand how the past shapes life today.  Contact with questions.