Mammal Specimen Condition Codes

In many parts of the mamml collection, three-letter acronyms are used to denote the preparations used for particular mammal specimens. This is a decoded list of all those acronyms:


skull and articulated skeleton

alc alcoholic specimen
ant alcoholic specimen (injected)
asr alcoholic specimen skull removed
brn brain
cro cranium only
end  endocranial cast
mac mounted skin, alcoholic carcass
mak mounted skin, skull, articulated skeleton
man mandible only
mno mounted skin only
msk mounted skin, skull, skeleton
msl mounted skin, skull
mtd mounted skin (plus?)
oko skeleton only
oth other
psk skull, partial skeleton
pko partial skeleton
sac skin, alcoholic carcass
sak skin, skull, articulated skeleton
sko skull, skeleton
slo skull only
sno skin only
spk skin, partial skeleton
spl skin, skull, partial skeleton
ssa skin, skull, alcoholic carcass
ssk skin, skull, skeleton
ssl skin, skull