Community Science

Become a part of Field Museum research by participating in our community science projects. Your efforts can make a very real impact on our work and knowledge about the world.

Two monarch butterflies are perched atop a flower in downtown Chicago.

From butterfly migrations to plant biodiversity, help our scientists study these topics and more through community science. Each project is designed to involve everyday scientists like you. While some projects may ask you to explore and observe habitats throughout Chicago, most require just access to a computer to participate. At home or in your backyard—join in!

Community Science Opportunities

Local field guides

There's a lot to discover in your own backyard! Take a nature walk through the Chicago region. Our field guides can help you identify the plants, animals, and other natural wonders you find along the way. 

Browse Chicago field guides

A mother and her young child explore the woods with a Field Museum field guide. The child, attached to her mother's back, looks on as her mother holds a bundle of dried leaves.