A group of young people, dressed semi-formally, stand together on a stage. Some of them are holding musical instruments.

Filipinos in Alliance Performance

About this event series

Join us for a lively musical performance by FIA’ Liwan UIC's Filipino organization, Filipinos in Alliance.

FIA'Liwan is a musical group stemming from UIC's Filipino organization, Filipinos in Alliance (FIA). The Filipino word "aliwan" means entertainment, which reflects the talent, versatility, and flexibility of the group - not just as performers, but as entertainers. Consisting of singers and instrumentalists, the group serves as a creative outlet for those looking to express themselves through Original Pinoy Music (OPM). Specializing in creating covers and medleys of both new and old OPM, FIA'Liwan aims to spread knowledge, sound, and culture from the Philippines and hopes to inspire others with their passion and musical talents.

Programming takes place on Free Admission Days—select days throughout the year Illinois residents can enjoy free Basic Admission. No additional fee is required to attend these events.

Presented as part of our celebration of Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.