Members' Nights

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Members and donors: join us for this unique chance to explore behind the scenes.

Two young girls look at an insect resting on someone's hand. The body and face of the individual holding the insect is not visible. The whole group stand in front of a table that features multiple cases holding other insect specimens and tank holding other insects in water.

There are nearly 40 million artifacts and specimens in the Field Museum’s collections. What will you discover behind the scenes at our 68th annual Members' Nights?

Fascinating scientific research happens every day at the Field. Members’ Nights happen just once a year, and it's your opportunity to explore areas normally closed to the public, see spectacular objects that are not on display, meet scientists and staff, and learn about their research and projects.

All exhibitions will be open, and there will be activities for both kids and adults. Space is limited; reservations are required. Please RSVP by May 3, 2019.

Pro tip: If you're looking for a quieter experience with extra time at your favorite stations, consider attending on Thursday evening.

The Field Museum will close at 4pm and reopen for the event at 5pm. Any photos or videos taken by Field Museum staff during Members’ Nights may be used to promote the Museum.

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Attendees enjoy behind-the-scenes perks during Members’ Nights, including a “backstage pass” to our Collections Resource Center.

John Weinstein

Get a close-up look at items from the museum collection—including specimens the public doesn’t usually get to see.

Ed Lines Jr.

Go behind the scenes

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