A group gathers at the corner of a diorama case. One man sits a desk with a typerwriter. He looks up to a family of three standing over him. The man in the middle stands with arms around the other two individuals. Both are smiling down at the man seated at the desk. A black box with a glass front holds a rock specimen and is propped up against the leg of the desk.
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    Poetry Pop-up: Genetic Poetry

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    4/25, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT
    Part of the series: Poetry Pop-up


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    About this event

    Join Eric at the DNA Discovery Center and compose a poem using the language of DNA!

    Imagine what it would feel like to stand next to a T. rex. Ponder what flowers smelled like 30 million years ago. See what inspiration you'll find and start turning your ideas into poetry with Eric Elshtain, the Field Museum's first poet in residence. 

    Join us for a series of weekly events that change how you see the museum—whether you’ve visited once or dozens of times. Encounter objects from our collection. Tour an exhibition. Find our poet in residence at a typewriter station to craft your own poem!

    Eric hosts pop-ups most Thursdays from 10am–12pm, in locations across the museum. No prior knowledge of poetry needed.