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Space Travel Time and Preatmospheric Size of Mifflin

Right after the Mifflin Meteorite fell in SW Wisconsin in April 2010 the Robert A. Pritzker Assistant Curator of Meteoritics and Polar Studies Dr. Philipp R. Heck coordinated an international study to determine the time it spent in space and to calculate its size in space before it got ablated and broke apart in our atmosphere. Now, first results obtained from this study are published as extended abstracts, and were presented in more detail in March at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Texas: The new results show that Mifflin was travelling through space as a small 3 feet object for about 20 Million years before it landed in Wisconsin.

From Finches to Ostriches: The Anatomy of a Museum Collection

The other day, Peter Lowther from The Field Museum’s computer services department stopped by my office and handed me a frozen House Finch his 11-year-old daughter, Gloria, found dead in the snow by their house in Homewood, Ill. Although our computer records showed we already have more than 500 House Finches in the bird collection, I didn’t hesitate to accept another. After all, this was our first House Finch collected on Jan. 20, 1999. It is one of only four from Illinois, one of six from east of the Mississippi River and our only eastern specimen collected in winter.