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Indigenous collaborations deepen along the Ecuador-Peru border

ECCo has worked with the Cofan indigenous people in Ecuador for more than 10 years. Our joint efforts have included four rapid inventories that led Ecuadorean authorities to recognize and protect Cofan ancestral lands. We also are charting a Cofan ancestral territories map. Our latest collaboration focuses on the Cofan sharing lessons learned in their successful park guard program with other indigenous groups. We began this effort during our rapid inventory in the Gueppi region of Ecuador and Peru in 2007.

2011 REU Intern Elizaveth Everman

Tracing the Evolution of Venom in Scorpionfishes and Waspfishes

ELIZABETH EVERMAN Junior Biology major at William Jewell College REU Mentor: Dr. Leo Smith (Curator, Zoology, Fishes) Symposium Presentation Title: The phylogeny of scorpionfishes and stonefishes (Teleostei:  Scorpaenoidei) and its implications for the evolution of venom

2011 REU Intern Katherine Anderson

Bivalves in Time and Space (BiTS): Clams as tools to understand macroevolution

KATHERINE ANDERSON Junior Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor REU Mentors: Dr. Rüdiger Bieler (Curator, Zoology, Invertebrates) and Dr. André Sartori (Postdoctoral Fellow, Zoology, Invertebrates) Symposium Presentation Title: Diversity of Venus clams: building an online resource for species identification

2011 REU Intern Hannah Wirtshafter

The Bivalve Tree of Life

HANNAH WIRTSHAFTER Junior Biological Sciences major at Carnegie Mellon University REU Mentors: Dr. Rüdiger Bieler (Curator, Zoology, Invertebrates) and Dr. Sid Staubach (Postdoctoral Fellow, Zoology, Invertebrates) Symposium Presentation Title: Flexing our Mussels: Comparative Bivalve Gill Morphology

2011 REU Intern Gregor-Fausto Siegmund

Calibrating phylogenies: are we using the right fossils?

GREGOR-FAUSTO SIEGMUND Sophomore Biological Sciences major at The University of Chicago REU Mentor: Dr. Peter Makovicky (Curator, Geology) Symposium Presentation Title: Measuring the quality of the avian fossil record to explain the ‘rock-clock’ divide of the avian evolutionary timescale.

2011 REU Intern William Montag

Strategies of acacia-ants: to grow or to reproduce?

WILLIAM MONTAG Sophomore Biological Sciences major at Bowdoin College REU Mentors: Dr. Corrie S. Moreau (Curator, Zoology, Insects), Dr. Stefanie Kautz (Postdoctoral Fellow, Zoology, Insects), and Benjamin E. Rubin (Graduate Student, Zoology, Insects) Symposium Presentation Title: The evolution of mutualism in plant-ants