Goose Barnacles: Collaborators

With graduate training in protozoology and herpetology respectively, the unlikely team of Jeffries and Voris, audaciously began research on pedunculate barnacles of the genus Octolasmis in the mid-seventies. Our curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm were stimulated and sustained by opportunities to research the intra- and inter-phyletic symbioses, those intimate relationships between different species, which characterize the life cycles of all members of the genus Octolasmis. We wish to acknowledge the support and encouragement of John Costlow and Bill Newman, especially at the outset when we most needed assistance, and Ray Manning who always was a friendly, constant source of information and cogent counsel. We wish to thank our international colleagues, Mrs. C. M. Yang and her staff at the National University of Singapore, and Mr. Sombat Poovachiranon and all the support personnel at the Phuket Marine Biology Center, Phuket, Thailand, for sponsoring our research in their countries. In the U.S. we wish to thank the generation of Dickinson College students and volunteers at the Field Museum of Natural History who did so much to carry out the research effort.


William B. Jeffries

Laurie C. Heil, Dickinson. 1994

Marcus M. Key, Jr.

Sombat Poovachiranon

Jared W. Volpe, Dickinson. 1995

Harold K. Voris

Chang Man Yang

Supporting Institutions

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the following institutions which, by generously contributing their resources in diverse and substantive ways, made these research efforts possible:

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Dauphin Island, Alabama 

Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, North Carolina

Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Dauphin Island, Alabama

Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois

Florida Marine Research Institure, St. Petersburg, Florida

National University of Singapore, Kent Ridge

N.O.O.A., Pascagoula, Mississippi

Phuket Marine Biological Center, Phuket, Thailand

University of Alabama Scientific Collections, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Supporting Colleagues

We are grateful to the following individuals without whose combined efforts our contributions to the biology of the pedunculate genus Octolasmis would never have reached fruition:

Melinda C. Anderman, Dickinson. 1997

Sally Bartling, Dickinson. 1983

Udom Bhatia

David K. Camp

Saengdee Chailert

Alan Cheetham

Chua Song Cheng "Ah Bee"

Rodney Collier

Stefanie Comastro

John D. Costlow

James DeCamp, Dickinson. 1979 (M.S., Ph.D.)

Sandra L. Farrington

Ingrid Faucii

Marcia D. Feldman (Rost), Dickinson. 1984 (M.A.)

Mrs. Simon Greasi

Edward D. Grieff, Dickinson. 1988 (J.D.)

Melanie S. Hartman, Dickinson. 1995 (M.S.)

Kenneth L. Heck

Melissa H. Heller (Hoagland), Dickinson. 1979 (M.D.)

Amy B. Hewitt, Dickinson. 1995 (P.A.)

Tan Wee Hin Leah H. Hinkle, Dickinson. 1992 (M.D.)

Roy A. Hoagland, Dickinson. 1977 (J.D.)

Mark Hooper

Thomas S. Hopkins

Quee Hui

Arthur G. Humes

Dave Irwin

Lam Toong Jin

Tara Jones

Daryl Karns

Lua Hui Kheng

Bill Kirby-Smith

Boonchoy Kuoyratanakul

Mark Leiby

M. Loo

Yeo Keng Loo

Peter V. Lovell, Dickinson. 1996

Raymond B. Manning

Lee Wee Meng

Victor J. Navarro, Dickinson. 1984 (M.D.)

William A. Newman

Patrick J. Rowsey, Dickinson. 1990

Nathaniel Sanders, Jr.

Colleen E. Sculley, Dickinson. 1994

Carl L. Shuster

Abigail Smith W. Stephenson

Cheryl E. Stokes, Dickinson. 1979

Joe Sullivan Loral Teufel (Hoagland), Dickinson. 1976

Keow T. Thavaradhara (Essig), Dickinson. 1997 (M.S.)

Jessica Ustick

Mark S. Van Hoose

Helen H. Voris

Cheryl Walczac

Hilary A. Walmsley, Dickinson. 1983 (M.S., M.B.A.)

Brian C. Wilson, Dickinson. 1983

Russell Wilson


Harold Voris and William Jeffries provided the concepts and content. Sarah Drasner did the design and construction. Allyson Meyer oversaw the implementation.